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2021 Cabin Fever Lecture Series "Lite"



Thursday February 25

Voyage to the Bottom of the World: Penguins, Whales, and Ice

Dr. Robert Rolley and Dr. Karen Mesmer, Career Biologists and BRPA Members


Join Robert and Karen for a virtual field trip revisiting their early 2020 excursion to the Falklands, South Georgia Islands, and the Antarctic Peninsula as they kayak among whales, icebergs, and ubiquitous penguin populations. Let us all relive our days when being free to wander in search of adventure.


Sponsored by: Hiroshi & Arlene Kanno


Thursday March 25

Traditional Uses for Native Plants: Is Increased Health Growing All Around You? 

Jane Hawley Stevens, Four Elements Organic Herbals and BRPA Member

Plants are used around the world to relieve most ailments, but here we have lost that tradition of reaching for an herb first. See how easy it is to increase wellness, using what nature has provided and learn remedies used successfully throughout cultures and time. Jane is the founder of Four Elements Herbals and is the 2020 Organic Farmer of the Year. 

Sponsored by: Village Booksmith


Major funding for the series provided by the Rotary Club of Baraboo and members of the Baraboo Range Preservation Association.    

Both lectures will begin at 7:00 pm.

Email Todd at for a link to the programs

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