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2022 Cabin Fever Lecture Series


Thursday February 24

A Visit to Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge

Dr. Robert Rolley and Dr. Karen Mesmer, Career Biologists and BRPA Members


Join Robert and Karen for another inspiring virtual field trip as they recount their travels to this unique New Mexico wildlife sanctuary in December 2021. The heart of the refuge features close to four thousand acres of Rio Grande floodplains that attract huge flocks of wintering cranes and geese along with other notable birds. Enjoy an enchanting evening with our favorite local wanderers of the natural world.


Sponsored by: Hiroshi & Arlene Kanno


Thursday March 24

A Tour of BRPA’s Greenfield Township Conservation Easements

Todd Persche, BRPA Executive Director

From high atop Sharlotte Coller’s acid bedrock glades, over to Toni

Ankenbrandt’s relict Pine Bluff forest, back through the wild Potter Preserve and over to the deep oak woodlands on the Holloway, McCormick, Belter, Koch, Zuch and Owens/Ernest easement properties, Todd will present photos and stories from his eight years of monitoring these protected natural gems.

Sponsored by: Dr. Barry Hartup & Merri Lindgren

Major funding for the series provided by Terrence & Barbara McCormick and members of the Baraboo Range Preservation Association.


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