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2017 Cabin Fever Lecture Series


Wednesday February 8

The Nature Conservancy Baraboo Hills Update: a management plan for revitalizing oak forests

Ann Calhoun, TNC Baraboo Hills Project Coordinator

Ann will lay out an overview of TNC’s ongoing efforts focused on restoring oak communities in the Baraboo Hills and why maintaining them is so important in a changing climate.  You’ll learn about management strategies that are being implemented at Hemlock Draw and Baxter’s Hollow preserves, including thinning of smaller trees, invasive species control, and reintroduction of prescribed fire.  

Sponsored by: Baraboo Valley Veterinary, Barbara & Terrence McCormick, Denise & Dave Statz, Minuteman Press, River Cities Bank

Wednesday February 22

Baraboo Range Preservation Association: who we are, what we do

Todd Persche, BRPA Executive Director

This talk is your chance to hear about BRPA’s local land trust operations. Expect to learn about our history, conservation easements and public outreach programs. Todd will detail volunteer opportunities to participate in citizen science, environmental advocacy and ongoing work parties. We’ll also be honoring outgoing board president Terrence McCormick for his past 6 year term. There will be cake.

Sponsored by: Annie Randall Memorial Book Club, HealthSource of Baraboo, the Grainery, Glenville Timberwrights, Johnsen Insurance, Raymond James Financial Services



Wednesday March 8

Ocean Acidification of Coral Reefs: a firsthand account  

Nancy Muehllehner, PhD in Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography

Come hear the extraordinary story of Nancy’s doctoral research into ocean acidification at a New Guinea underwater volcanic ecosystem. She will detail what was learned at this unique site and how this might play out in our oceans going forward. The planets oceans have been dramatically changing these past fifteen years, we’ll have pizza, beer, and soda on hand to ease you into the implications.  

Sponsored by: Gerd Muehllehner, Mary Luckhardt Klemm, Pat & Laura Stack, MSA Professional Services 



Wednesday March 22

Fire on the landscape: historical evidence at Pine Bluff

Jed Meunier, Wisconsin DNR Fire Ecologist

In 2016 Jed and his crew went looking for fire scars found in tree stumps at BRPA conservation easement property owned by Toni Ankenbrandt. We’ll learn about the frequency of fire from this Red Pine relic as part of the larger historical record for the Baraboo Hills. Cross sections of stumps collected on location will be on display.

Sponsored by:  Hiroshi & Arlene Kanno, Cross, Jenks, Mercer & Maffei Law Firm, Village Booksmith



Major funding for the series provided by Greater Sauk County Community Foundation, Rotary Club of Baraboo, and members of the Baraboo Range Preservation Association.  For more information email or call 355-7512

All lectures will be held at UW-Baraboo/Sauk County Science Facility, 1006 Connie Road, Baraboo

Doors open at 6:00 pm for cookies and coffee, talks start at 7:00pm

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